jimmymaksDouble bassist, educator, techie, and coffee shop loiterer Julio Appling lives in Vancouver, WA, and serves as the primary bassist for Portland-based jamgrass group The Student Loan, and fusion group Trio Flux. Growing up in Tacoma, Washington, his upbringing included classical piano and guitar, gospel guitar and bass, a little bit of trombone, an Amiga computer, comics, and a lot of Legos. Julio earned his B.A. in Music (Bass Performance) from the University of Redlands and an M.M. in Musicology from Bowling Green State University. As an educator Julio has served as an instructor of both music and technology courses at BGSU Firelands, Tiffin University, and Clark College.

Julio likesĀ anime, coffee shops, & pro basketball. Julio dislikes anthropomorphism, air travel, & nouns used as verbs.